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Myths and reality about surrogacy

Innovation has always provoked a mixed reaction in society, because it must be accompanied by a certain level of awareness. And in its absence, there are fables that do not correspond to reality. For example, it happens in the field of reproductive medicine. Let’s disperse them together ?!

Myths and reality about surrogacy – photo article-3

An indisputable hit among the myths of surrogacy is the proposition that a surrogate mother and child are genetically related. This is absolutely not true, because fertilization occurs exclusively from the materials of the couple, and then any genetic intervention is biologically impossible.

Another common myth is that there are no legal procedures governing the transfer of a newborn child to biological parents, and therefore a surrogate mother is forced to obtain a birth certificate and then refuse the child. In fact, the whole process is legally thought out to the smallest detail, and therefore all the legal consequences come from the moment of the official conclusion of the contract.


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