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When starting a family, each spouse thinks about having children together. Unfortunately, according to statistics, not every family can have children, and the percentage of infertile children is only increasing. Usually, the reason why an infertility clinic is needed is congenital anomalies, bad ecology, bad habits, hard physical work, constant stress and many other things that together affect reproductive function.

But the main paradox is that despite the increase in the number of infertility clinics, the problem remains unresolved. There are more and more infertile couples in the world.

How to choose an infertility clinic?

If, despite the diagnosis of infertility, you want to have your children, you need to be responsible in your choice. Finding an IVF clinic has no details. At a choice it is necessary to consider absolutely everything:

  • equipment quality;
  • effectiveness of drugs;
  • staff workload;
  • experience of doctors;
  • cost of services;
  • service, comfort and cleanliness.

You should not believe in simple advertising, you need to trust only your own intuition. It is important to understand that the infertility clinic in Kiev and cheapness are two incompatible concepts. This is an expensive service that will allow you to become happy parents. ICSI, IVF, egg donation and surrogacy are all costly and expensive activities.

Treatment will be effective only if the procedure is performed exclusively in specialized reproductive centers, where infertility will be dealt with not just urologists and gynecologists, but geneticists, reproductive specialists, andrologists and other doctors who specialize in the reproductive health of men and women.

Infertility treatment together with the Tree of Life agency

For many years, our agency has been striving to help clients solve infertility problems by helping them go through all the stages along the way. Specialists select the optimal clinic for planning pregnancy and infertility treatment with an individual approach to clients.

We work exclusively for the result and take on even the most difficult cases when clients in other clinics are denied. You just need to call or leave a request on the site. Managers will contact you as soon as possible to agree on the details.