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Oocyte or sperm donation is a procedure in which women or men, with the voluntary consent of a written party, provide their biological material for use in a infertility treatment program.

The Tree of Life Agency provides organization and support in infertility treatment programs, surrogacy, and donations in the best clinics in Kyiv.

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Advantages of the program

  • Необмежена кількість спроб ЕКЗ за допомогою донорства яйцеклітини;
  • Генетична діагностика ембріонів з приводу генетичних захворювань (Преімплантаційна генетична діагностика);
  • Вибір статі;
  • Поновлення програми без будь-яких додаткових платежів у разі аборту або смерті плода;
  • Компенсація та всі виплати сурогатній матері;
  • Медичне страхування сурогатних;
  • Вигодовування неповної вагітності та всіх необхідних ліків;
  • ДНК-тест для батька та дитини;
  • Адвокатські послуги з оформлення документів дитини.
60 000 грн

The cost of the program includes everything you need – the key to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! Biological parents receive a birth certificate where they are registered as “mother” and “father”

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    10 000 грн
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Доплата за близнюків + 20 000 грн.

How is the process of donation of oocytes?

  1. Acquaintance and examination

    Signing the contract and passing the examination (filling out documents and passing tests in one visit).

    You undergo a full examination according to the legislation of Ukraine, in a private clinic in Kiev absolutely free of charge.

  2. Stimulation

    The essence of the program is to stimulate the maturation of several eggs in the ovary.

    To do this, you will need to undergo a course of special therapy, after which the collection of eggs will be performed.

    This procedure is performed under anesthesia. It is carried out under the strict control of our specialists and is absolutely safe for your body.

  3. Follicle puncture

    Follicle puncture is performed in the clinic under general intravenous anesthesia and ultrasound control.

    The procedure takes an average of 15-20 minutes.

  4. Compensation

    After the procedure, you will receive financial compensation for participating in the oocyte donation program.

    We compensate travel for candidates living outside Kyiv.

The program is conducted by:

Egg donation is a real breakthrough in biology and medicine, thanks to which women with infertility will be able to experience the happiness of motherhood. Intended for women who can not use their own cells for various reasons: lack of eggs, genetic abnormalities or lack of ovaries in women. The donor egg will be the place where the baby will be conceived, and the surrogate mother will bear the baby.

How to become an egg donor?

If you want to sell an egg for a number of reasons, you must first undergo a series of tests: blood group and Rh factor, examination by a physician, examination by a psychiatrist and narcologist, genetic testing, gynecological examination, cardiogram, general blood test, urine test, analogue for reproductive hormones, STI analysis, hepatitis B and C, vaginal swab for flora and other studies.

In that case, if all the parameters are normal and there are no contraindications to becoming a voluntary donor of the egg, then proceed to another stage – stimulation of the ovaries to cause ovulation. In the first days of the cycle, a woman takes special drugs that will stimulate the ovaries.

The main purpose of taking drugs is to cause the maturation of several eggs during one cycle. This approach significantly increases the chances of success of IVF. At the end of this, a woman who has decided to become a donor of eggs (oocytes), is injected with a hormone, due to which the final maturation of oocytes.

When they are fully mature, the removal of donor eggs begins – this process must be carried out in an outpatient setting. The selection process is performed by a puncture needle, which is inserted into the vagina. Follicles are punctured, from which the process of egg extraction takes place directly.

Donation of mature oocytes is carried out strictly under anesthesia, so it will be a completely painless process for women. Time – from 15 to 20 minutes. When the donor eggs have been removed, high-quality and mature ones are selected from them, which are placed in a specially designed incubator for 4-6 hours. Already after that the received donor of oocytes passes process of fertilization.


How are donor eggs used?

After taking the egg and defending the biomaterial in the incubator, the fertilization process takes place. The procedure of fertilization is carried out with the help of sperm of the future father and is cultivated in special laboratory conditions.

The resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus of the expectant mother, where they successfully continue their development. One or more embryos are transplanted as standard. If all goes well, then the pregnancy process develops.

In that case, if a man has a lack of sperm or any other problems, perform additional surgery under a microscope – one sperm is inserted into the egg under a microscope with a special tool. If a woman decides: “I will become a donor of oocytes!”, Everything is made out in due written form under the guidance of a lawyer. All information about the donor is completely anonymous.

Who can become an egg donor?

The site of healthy egg donors does not accept oocytes from all women. It must meet a number of requirements, including:

  • age – from 18 to 36 years;
  • having their own healthy children;
  • perfect physical and psychological health;
  • absence of bad habits;
  • absence of hereditary diseases;
  • no contraindications for participation in the donation program.

It should be noted that the procedure of egg collection does not require any skills from the donor, and the process is safe for the health of the donor. The myth is that women become infertile as a result.

Advantages of applying to the Tree of Life Agency

Our egg donor agency is a chance for those couples who are diagnosed with infertility. We always need oocyte donors, and we guarantee complete anonymity and an individual approach in each case to ensure total security.

The oocyte donor base of our agency has already allowed thousands of families to become happy parents. If you want to become an egg donor, you just need to call us or leave an application on the site. And for infertile families we offer services of selection of the donor, surrogate mother, a full cycle of IVF and other services thanks to what you will be able to become the father.


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