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Agree, it’s nice to feel in today’s world, where high technology on all sides is designed to protect people and their health.
Since the field of reproductive medicine is not sufficiently covered by the general public, of course, every woman wants to be sure before agreeing to become an antimony – it will not create negative consequences for her health!

Today, fertilization technologies are so advanced that they can provide a high level of health security for women, and the complication rate of pregnancy in surrogacy is even lower than in conventional natural fertilization. By the way, Ukraine is one of the world leaders in this field! Do you have questions? The Tree of Life Agency is happy to provide you with all the answers!

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Advantages of the program

  • Unlimited IVF attempts with egg donation
  • Genetic diagnosis of embryos due to genetic diseases (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis - PGD);
  • Gender selection;
  • Update the program without any additional payments in case of abortion or death of the fetus;
  • Compensation and all payments to the surrogate mother;
  • Surrogate health insurance;
  • Breastfeeding incomplete pregnancy and all necessary medications;
  • DNA test for parent and child;
  • Attorney services for registration of documents of the child.
60 000 грн

The cost of the program includes everything you need – the key to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! Biological parents receive a birth certificate where they are registered as “mother” and “father”.

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    10 000 грн
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Доплата за близнюків + 20 000 грн.

How is the process of donation of oocytes?

  1. Acquaintance and examination

    Signing the contract and passing the examination (filling out documents and passing tests in one visit).

    You undergo a full examination according to the legislation of Ukraine, in a private clinic in Kiev absolutely free of charge.

  2. Stimulation

    The essence of the program is to stimulate the maturation of several eggs in the ovary.

    To do this, you will need to undergo a course of special therapy, after which the collection of eggs will be performed.

    This procedure is performed under anesthesia. It is carried out under the strict control of our specialists and is absolutely safe for your body.

  3. Follicle puncture

    Follicle puncture is performed in the clinic under general intravenous anesthesia and ultrasound control.

    The procedure takes an average of 15-20 minutes.

  4. Compensation

    After the procedure, you will receive financial compensation for participating in the oocyte donation program.

    We compensate travel for candidates living outside Kyiv.

The program is conducted by:

Surrogacy is a great achievement of mankind in medicine, because it gives people doomed to childlessness to find their child. In this case, the child remains genetically related to the parents, despite the fact that raising a child will be a surrogate mother.

The Tree of Life Agency is ready to help such parents and offers surrogacy services, including: finding a donor, surrogate mother, clinic and even the logistics of biomaterials for men or women.

What is surrogacy?

It is a reproductive technology in which a child is conceived by 3 people: a genetic father (who provides sperm for fertilization), a genetic mother (who provides an egg for fertilization) and a surrogate mother who will raise a child from genetic parents on a paid or unpaid basis.

Surrogacy clinics in most cases provide surrogacy services when a woman is unable to bear a child on her own due to a number of physical reasons.

Who is provided with surrogacy services?

Usually married couples are forced to apply to surrogacy clinics in Ukraine for the following reasons:

  • male infertility due to congenital pathologies, problems with semen and infections;
  • loss of the uterus in women due to surgery, septic processes, accidents and tragic cases;
  • various pathologies of the female reproductive organs, such as defects of the fallopian tubes or ovarian development;
  • pathology of the cervix or uterus associated with abortion, endometrial defect, scraping and other surgical interventions;
  • at oncological diseases of one of parents;
  • endocrine disorders associated with infections, stress and congenital pathologies;
  • Prohibition of pregnancy due to possible lethal outcome: cardiovascular disease, heart disease, etc .;
  • with numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts – more than 4 times;
  • in case of incompatibility of immunity, when the female immunity rejects the seeds of the male, considering him hostile;
  • age restrictions, when due to the age of the child may be dangerous for a woman;
  • the death of a loved one with whom you want to keep in touch in the presence of his genetic material.

And this is not all the reasons why they seek the services of a surrogate mother. Most often, clinics come to the rescue when there are medical indications, and not only when a woman does not want to spoil the figure by childbirth and childbirth.

Varieties of surrogacy

As a standard, the surrogacy center offers two options for conceiving a child with the help of a surrogate mother:

  • Traditional. In this case, the surrogate mother directly becomes the genetic mother of the child, because her own egg is used for pregnancy, which is fertilized with the material of the donor or future father. This method of clinic for surrogacy is rarely used for moral and ethical reasons.
  • Gestational. The most common type, which successfully combines medicine, biology, technology and science. In this case, they are also looking for a surrogate mother exclusively for childbearing, and the biological parents are a married couple. In this case, the relationship between the couple and the child is 100%.

Each of these types of surrogacy has a right to exist, but the second option is more often offered by a surrogacy agency.

How to choose the right surrogate mother?

Given all the delicacy of the issue and the desire to get a positive result from the first time contribute to the fact that the choice of a surrogate mother is a particularly responsible process. And given that the price of a surrogate mother is quite high, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria:

  • age – it should not be younger than 20 years and older than 35 years;
  • there must be medical evidence that the woman may have children;
  • strong not only physical but also mental health;
  • coincidence of rhesus factor (surrogate mother with negative rhesus factor will not be able to tolerate a positive child);
  • absence of bad habits or any;
  • a genuine awareness of the role for the family they are looking for, not just a desire to earn on their ability to give birth.

As you can see, a woman who wants to become a surrogate mother in Kyiv or another city in Ukraine must take a responsible approach to this issue.

Surrogacy from the Tree of Life Agency

Our agency will be a real helper for you if you hear a terrible diagnosis of “infertility”. We offer a full range of services, which includes: donor selection, surrogate mother selection, clinic selection, full IVF cycle, legal services and biomaterials logistics.

In each case, we practice an individual approach to achieve a positive result. Our experienced specialists will advise on the cost of surrogacy in Kiev, the intricacies of the procedure and anything else of interest.


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