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We give a new life!

Thousands of happy and contented couples are already raising their children thanks to the Tree of Life.

Our company annually improves and improves reproductive technologies. Doctors with many years of experience are ready to advise, provide professional services and advice.

Using the method of individual selection, we are engaged in both the search for an egg donor and a couple who are eager to replenish the family. Only a clear and responsible approach of specialists. We have our own donor database. We keep in touch with patients during the examination. Our advantages: are aimed at an honest and positive result; we immerse you in all the details of the process; extensive experience in cooperation with donors; the latest IVF fertilization technologies; we provide services for the preservation and freezing of donor sperm and eggs; our price list is available in comparison with the prices of our competitors; ready to deal with the diverse cases and situations of our clients.

“Tree of Life” is about an ethical approach, modern technologies and a sea of ​​love.

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Are there risks of egg donation?

The process is generally very safe; most women will not have any health problems other than discomfort from the treatment itself.
The only potential risk to keep in mind is a reaction to your fertility medications. Usually, if this happens, the effects are mild and include hot flashes, feeling irritable or weak, headaches, and anxiety.

Is there a time limit between having a baby and donating eggs?

The doctor will recommend that menstruation is restored and returned to normal (as it is physiologically for you) - about three months before you can be considered a donor. In fact, this is usually longer than three months, as other factors such as fatigue and work can influence these things.

I am breastfeeding, can I still be an egg donor?

The clinic will want your period to return and return to normal (whatever is normal for you) for about three months before it can be a donor.
An interval of three months after the end of breastfeeding is recommended before starting an egg donation treatment program. This is necessary in order for your physical body to return to normal. In fact, this is usually longer than three months, as other factors such as fatigue and work can influence these things.

Can I participate in the program again?

Yes. You can participate in the program up to eight times.

When can you next take part in the program?

You can participate in the next program 3 menstrual cycles after completing the previous one.