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Agency “Tree of Life” provides organization and support in the treatment of infertility, surrogacy, and donation in the best clinics in Kivev.

Egg or sperm donation is a procedure in which women or men, with their voluntary written consent, donate their biological material for use in fertility treatment programs.

Our agency Tree of Life welcomes you!

Are you looking for egg donors, want to finally hear sincere children’s laughter at home? We can make your desires and inner ambitions come true! The field of reproductive medicine is shrouded in endless mysteries. But it is known for sure that surrogacy increases the concentration of kindness and love on the planet!
We suggest you familiarize yourself with several interesting facts:

The world’s first child from a surrogate mother was born in the UK in 1989. Surrogate motherhood is able to solve the problems of more than 12% of women all over the world, physiologically they cannot become pregnant. Over the past 5 years, the number of people resorting to surrogacy has grown by 15%. About 40% of surrogate mothers agree to re-participate in the program! The services of surrogate mothers were successfully used by Michael Jackson, Annie Leibovitz, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ricky Martin and other celebrities. We are convinced that we are changing the world for the better by helping people achieve the happiness of having children! The “tree of life” is designed to give happiness!

Success stories of surrogacy


Очень довольна участием в программе суррогатного материнства здесь.
Хорошая семья немцев! Отличная клиника, всегда приветливый персонал.
С выплатами не было проблем.
Спасибо “Дереву жизни” 🙂


Хорошая клиника. Решила стать сурмамой с помощью “Дерева жизни” и довольна выбором, потому что отношение было очень внимательным. Мед. координаторы вообще замечательные девушки, поддерживали 24/7.
Все деньги выплатили по графику.
+ в роддоме не было никакой разницы в отношении к сурмамам и обычным, что тоже очень порадовало.
Если вы задумались над суррогатным материнством, я точно могу порекомендовать этот центр)


Приймала участь у програмі сурогатного материнства вперше. Шукала клініку дуже довго, вирішила зупинитися на “Дереві життя”. Я не думала, що цей досвід можна настільки позитивно прожити. Мед. персонал і куратори дуже добрі, ввічливі та турботливі. Я щиро дякую клініці та всім, хто був поруч! Можливо колись повернусь до вас ще


Всем привет! Решила поучаствовать программе суррогатного материнства в “Дереве жизни”. Очень удовлетворена работой персонала и сервисом) Всё было на высшем уровне – профессионализм персонала и бережное отношение. Выплаты были своевременны. Отдельное спасибо мед. координаторам – они была рядом от начала и до конца.
Я ни о чем не пожалела, спасибо вам!

Is surrogacy safe for a woman’s health?

Agree, it is nice to feel in the modern world, where high technology on all sides is designed to protect people, their health. It is also gratifying that the habit of taking care of one’s own health has gradually become a trend and now most people think about the consequences before taking any steps in their own lives.

Hyperstimulation of eggs

Today, the IVF method is an extremely common solution, which is used by almost half of infertile couples. However, women are often openly afraid of treatment due to the risks of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, because the information on the Internet about this can be a little scary.

Myths and reality about surrogacy

Innovation has always provoked a mixed reaction in society, because it must be accompanied by a certain level of awareness. And in its absence, there are fables that do not correspond to reality. For example, it happens in the field of reproductive medicine. Let’s disperse them together ?!
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Important information

The birth of a child is a real gift for every parent. But, unfortunately, some women fail to get pregnant naturally. This situation develops for various reasons, including serious hormonal disruptions or health problems.

In this case, support will be provided by the agency of egg donors and surrogacy “Tree of Life”. We do our best so that couples can make their cherished dream come true – to become the parents of a baby. We use the latest technologies and methods in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.


When can you contact the Tree of Life specialists?


Egg donors who work with the agency are willing to donate their biomaterial in order to help other people. As a result, single women and married couples have the hope that they can become parents. An experienced team becomes a kind of mediator in this situation, and performs all the necessary procedures for the preparation of material and verification of donors.

Our partners

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Are there risks of egg donation?

The process is generally very safe; most women will not have any health problems other than discomfort from the treatment itself.
The only potential risk to keep in mind is a reaction to your fertility medications. Usually, if this happens, the effects are mild and include hot flashes, feeling irritable or weak, headaches, and anxiety.

Is there a time limit between having a baby and donating eggs?

The doctor will recommend that menstruation is restored and returned to normal (as it is physiologically for you) - about three months before you can be considered a donor. In fact, this is usually longer than three months, as other factors such as fatigue and work can influence these things.

I am breastfeeding, can I still be an egg donor?

The clinic will want your period to return and return to normal (whatever is normal for you) for about three months before it can be a donor.
An interval of three months after the end of breastfeeding is recommended before starting an egg donation treatment program. This is necessary in order for your physical body to return to normal. In fact, this is usually longer than three months, as other factors such as fatigue and work can influence these things.

Can I participate in the program again?

Yes. You can participate in the program up to eight times.

When can you next take part in the program?

You can participate in the next program 3 menstrual cycles after completing the previous one.

What does the egg donation program include?


Services of this nature may be needed in the following situations:

  • the presence of hereditary diseases that are transmitted through the female line;
  • poor oocyte quality
  • chromosomal abnormalities in embryogenesis
  • early onset of menopause;
  • undergone surgery to remove the ovaries;
  • low oocyte supply (follicular supply);
  • donation is the only hope for a baby.

By contacting an egg donation agency, you can count on an individual approach. In each case, the state of health, characteristics of the biomaterial and other indicators are studied.

As far as donors are concerned, they receive complete confidentiality, a detailed health examination, as well as a certain reward. Such conditions ensure the most comfortable cooperation for the agency’s clients.

People who decide to use these methods face the difficult choice of a reliable egg donation agency. There are many companies in Ukraine that provide such services. But, “Tree of Life” compares favorably with them. We employ professional specialists who are also real psychologists. They carefully study the situation, support, sympathize, and also help to understand all the nuances related to donation.

In addition, the egg donor recruiting agency offers reliable clinics with comprehensive programs. Such programs provide for a clear sequence of activities, and take place in several stages:

  • Donor search. Clients are invited to familiarize themselves with the data of donors who cooperate with the agency. The main attention is focused on genetic and general clinical studies, the correspondence of the donor and recipient phenotypes, as well as consultations with specialized doctors (gynecologists, reproductive specialists);
  • Hormonal therapy. By contacting an egg donation agency, you can find out in detail about all the details of the individually tailored therapy. Its main purpose is to synchronize the menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient.

In specially equipped laboratories, doctors carry out fertilization, and then manipulate the transfer of the embryo into the body of the recipient woman.

The agency “Tree of Life” treats the choice of clinics with special responsibility. After all, employees understand how important it is to get a healthy child as a result.

Why is it worth contacting the Tree of Life specialists?


Choosing a trusted egg donation agency involves exploring many nuances. What matters is reputation, range and cost of services, staff qualifications, attitude towards clients, etc. Therefore, for many couples, the search can be delayed for a long time. In order not to waste precious minutes, it is worth contacting a team of experienced specialists.

By contacting our agency, you will not only find your egg donor, but also receive full support at all stages of the program. The company employs real professionals who will advise, answer all questions, and also take into account the smallest details. In addition, every client is guaranteed complete confidentiality.

To clarify information about our services, as well as find out the cost, it is enough to contact the managers by phone or leave a request on the website. We will become a reliable support and provide the most comfortable cooperation.


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