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Is surrogacy safe for a woman’s health?

Agree, it is nice to feel in the modern world, where high technology on all sides is designed to protect people, their health.

It is also gratifying that the habit of taking care of one’s own health has gradually become a trend and now most people think about the consequences before taking any steps in their own lives.

Is surrogacy safe for a woman’s health? – photo article-2

Because the field of reproductive medicine is not widely covered, of course, every woman wants to be sure before agreeing to become an antimony that this method of reproductive technology will not have a negative impact on her health.

Today, fertilization technologies are so advanced that they can provide a high level of health security for women, and the complication rate of pregnancy in surrogacy is even lower than in conventional natural fertilization. By the way, Ukraine is one of the world leaders in this field!


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